aRian® - know exactly where your money is

aRian® is our proven cash and liquidity management solution that's already in use with some of the UK's most respected companies. It's designed to help you manage your cash and bank accounts, regardless of bank, currency or geography. aRian® leverages SWIFT to give you a single, easy to use, flexible portal to your accounts, enabling you to control your short term cash flows and move money where its needed.

aRian® is designed to allow corporate customers to get the most out of joining SWIFT but immediately insulates users from the complexities and idiosyncrasies of the global banking network.


Flexible Software Solutions

Flexible Solutions

aRian® joins our of family of flexible products, all of which share the same XML based technology stack. With aRian® you choose and pay only for exactly that which meets your requirements.

NEMsg®, a modern internet-based peer to peer messaging system providing secure and structured communication and data exchange between trading partners. Profit from NEMsg® by cutting the costs of propriety networks, discover more...

NEMatch, Matching Made easy... Our matching system is designed to assist with all matching and reconciliation tasks.

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About Ai

Any intermessage

Any intermessage Ltd (Ai) is a software and services company.

Ai was founded in 2004 to develop and deliver innovative software solutions for the financial services marketplace. At Ai we've built our own XML based technology stack which enables us to deliver exactly what our customers need, helping them to achieve their objectives and gain advantage in today's world. Working through partners and with key clients, we have established our solutions at the forefront of cash and liquidity management, secure messaging and matching applications. Ai is growing quickly and has a portfolio of leading edge clients in financial services market. Discover more...